York and Adams Smart Growth Coalition

 Natural Resource Conservation

York County Conservation District-The York County Conservation District is the county government office devoted to assisting residents with their natural resource and environmental concerns.  The York County Conservation District is committed to the improvement and protection of our environment and the wise use of our County’s diverse natural resources. 

Adams County Conservation District-  
The Adams County Conservation District serves and assists the citizens of Adams County by promoting the maintenance, improvement, and wise use of land, water, and other related natural resources.

Storm Water Management

Drs. Timothy Lawrence and Monique Myers of the California Sea Grant Program recently released Emergency Services and Storm Water Management,  a stormwater factsheet that discusses how best to manage stormwater runoff while also maintaining public health and safety services. The authors discuss the concerns of emergency services personnel when considering low impact development (LID) techniques such as narrow streets and the use of porous concrete. The fact sheet may be downloaded at http://www.csgc.ucsd.edu/BOOKSTORE/Resources/LID_FACTSHEET.pdf

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