York and Adams Smart Growth Coalition

Government Resources for Smart Growth

Environmental Protection Agency

EPA's Smart Growth Program has developed a new tool to help local and municipal governments promote green infrastructure practices through codes, ordinances and incentives that protect water quality. The Water Quality Scorecard will help local planners evaluate local codes and ordinances, identify barriers to implementing green infrastructure approaches for the protection of water quality and present policy options for improved land use policy and regulations. 
Visit www.epa.gov/smartgrowth/water_scorecard.htm for more information on the scorecard. 

Keystone Principles-The Keystone Principles & Criteria for Growth, Investment & Resource Conservation were adopted by the Economic Development Cabinet on May 31, 2005. The Principles & Criteria are designed as a coordinated interagency approach to fostering sustainable economic development and conservation of resources through the state’s investments in Pennsylvania’s diverse communities.

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