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Learn a New Approach to Funding Private/Public Partnerships Through L3C

Learn a New Approach to Funding Private/Public Partnerships Through L3C
Date: November 2, 2012 Time: 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM
Hanover Valley Presbyterian Church
133 Carlisle St., Hanover, PA
Contact Information
Hanover Chamber at 717-637-6130 or office@hanoverchamber.com
Workshop is $25/person (space is limited
Facilitated by Storm Cunningham, CEO, ReCitizen, L3C - Renowned Author, Speaker & Revitalization Expert

Find out why Cunningham chose the *L3C structure for his own business, how his unique community organizing software works, its relevance to L3Cs and to the work of community revitalization. Have a chance to explore ReCitizen’s tools with Cunningham and find out why the L3C is the perfect vehicle for accomplishing that work.

Spend the afternoon with Storm Cunningham
  • Discovering the latest trends, technologies and strategies for building citizen-led revitalization programs.
  • Witness the world's first integrated suite of crowd-based community regeneration technologies.
  • Learn about the L3C business structure, why ReCitizen is an L3C and its relevance and benefits to community revitalization efforts.
What is a L3C?
The Low-Profit Limited Liability Company (L3C) the "For-profit with a Non-profit Soul" company is built on the LLC structure. It can help build bridges and partnerships in ways never imagined before. The L3C is able to bring together foundations, trusts, endowment funds, pension funds, individuals, corporations, non-profits and government entities into an organization designed to achieve social objectives while also operating according to for-profit metrics.

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