York and Adams Smart Growth Coalition


 What is the York/Adams Regional Smart Growth Coalition?

The coalition is a unique and diverse group of organizations and individuals drawn together by a shared interest in the future direction of York and Adams Counties. The coalition’s mission is to shape public policy in order to preserve those elements that make our communities a great place to live, work and play. 

 Our Goals

  • Encouraging environmentally sound development practices
  • Sustaining healthy farms and abundant farmland
  • Revitalizing our older urban areas 
  • Fostering economic growth that brings high quality jobs to our citizens
  • Assuring reasonable housing costs remain within reach of most households and providing an array of housing opportunities in our communities 
  • Matching infrastructure development with growth strategies and in areas where infrastructure currently exists
  • The Coalition’s Role in Shaping Our Community
  • Quarterly community education seminars on smart growth issues in our community.
  • Education and materials on smart growth practices.
  • Advocacy for smart growth programs at the county and municipal levels.

How can I join the efforts of the Coalition?

Click here to download the membership resolution. After completing the membership resolution fax back to
717-854-0720 or email to 
Members will be listed on our website and will receive email communications on upcoming events and programs.



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